Conference has great need for flood buckets

There is an imme­di­ate need for ful­ly-assem­bled flood buck­ets. Due to the large num­bers of flood buck­ets that have been sent to hur­ri­cane vic­tims, there is an imme­di­ate need of replen­ish­ing stock to con­tin­ue the Con­fer­ence’s response to Hur­ri­cane Irene flood vic­tims. Please do not send par­tial­ly com­plet­ed buck­ets or sup­ply items. Ful­ly-assem­bled buck­ets are need­ed for imme­di­ate dis­tri­b­u­tion. For com­plete instruc­tions on what is to be includ­ed and how to assem­ble a flood buck­et, go to Flood Buck­ets.

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