Golden Lunch Bunch

In 2013 several of our church members were talking about the fact that we
have many widows in our church.  In making the list there were about 20 ladies.
When this group was formed we had about 14 members and the group was
named Golden Lunch Bunch.

We started with 14 members and now have 13 members.  Through the last 5
years we have lost 6 eligible members through death and 4 through moving away.
We have added 6 eligible members through moving in or death of their husbands.

We meet the 4th Thursday of each month except November and December when
we meet the 3rd Thursday because of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Over the years
we have met at the Golden Corral but this year we decided to embark on different activities such as; a Duke Gardens tour with lunch at C & H Cafeteria, Lunch at a shut-in
members home (lunch carried by other members), O’Kelly’s, Eden’s Grill or invited by
members home.  We enjoy the fellowship of being together and always incorporate a devotional and update each other with the current things happening at Mt. Zion.
We send cards to the sick, shut-ins, bereaved, and others.  We also carry non perishable items and clothing  to the Christian Help Center in Roxboro.

We welcome anyone to join us who are eligible.