Golden Lunch Bunch

In 2013 sev­er­al of our church mem­bers were talk­ing about the fact that we
have many wid­ows in our church.  In mak­ing the list there were about 20 ladies.
When this group was formed we had about 14 mem­bers and the group was
named Gold­en Lunch Bunch.

We start­ed with 14 mem­bers and now have 13 mem­bers.  Through the last 5
years we have lost 6 eli­gi­ble mem­bers through death and 4 through mov­ing away.
We have added 6 eli­gi­ble mem­bers through mov­ing in or death of their husbands.

We meet the 4th Thurs­day of each month except Novem­ber and Decem­ber when
we meet the 3rd Thurs­day because of Thanks­giv­ing and Christ­mas.  Over the years
we have met at the Gold­en Cor­ral but this year we decid­ed to embark on dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties such as; a Duke Gar­dens tour with lunch at C & H Cafe­te­ria, Lunch at a shut-in
mem­bers home (lunch car­ried by oth­er mem­bers), O’Kel­ly’s, Eden’s Grill or invit­ed by
mem­bers home.  We enjoy the fel­low­ship of being togeth­er and always incor­po­rate a devo­tion­al and update each oth­er with the cur­rent things hap­pen­ing at Mt. Zion.
We send cards to the sick, shut-ins, bereaved, and oth­ers.  We also car­ry non per­ish­able items and cloth­ing  to the Chris­t­ian Help Cen­ter in Roxboro.

We wel­come any­one to join us who are eligible.