Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

The Nom­i­na­tions and Lead­er­ship Devel­op­ment Com­mit­tee will meet on August 14th to begin the process of match­ing ser­vants with their places of ser­vice in the min­istries of the church. This is a very impor­tant task and we ask that every­one please be in prayer for this com­mit­tee. See the bul­letin insert for descrip­tions of the com­mit­tees but under­stand that these are not just posi­tions or jobs to be filled. These com­mit­tees rep­re­sent oppor­tu­ni­ties to serve God and neigh­bor. We hope that every­one will be much in prayer about where God would have you serve in his body the church. If you have a spe­cial inter­est or pas­sion and if you feel led by God to serve in a par­tic­u­lar min­istry please con­tact one of the fol­low­ing peo­ple who are mem­bers of the com­mit­tee: Don­ald Daniel, Eleanor Wrenn, Shirley Alli­son, San­dra Long, Shirley Whit­field, Wayne Wrenn, Bradley Tuck, Mike McCul­lock, Bar­bara Hat­ley, Bruce Wrenn, and Kevin Morris.

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