North Carolina Conference Redistricting

Pas­tors, Lay Lead­ers, Lay Mem­bers of Annu­al Con­fer­ence, local church com­mit­tee lead­ers, and all per­sons are invit­ed on March 15 at 7:00 pm to Alder­s­gate Unit­ed Methodist Church in Durham to learn more about the redis­trict­ing of the North Car­oli­na Con­fer­ence. This sum­mer, the Durham Dis­trict will cease to be and the church­es in the Durham Dis­trict will be redis­trict­ed to some oth­er new­ly formed dis­tricts. Bish­op Gwinn will be there to help us review the new ways of super­in­tend­ing and con­nec­tion­al­ism that our redis­trict­ing plan is call­ing to the fore.

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