Revival! Begins on Sunday

We are excit­ed to invite you to revival at Mt. Zion. This year we are blessed to have the Rev. M. Fran­cis Daniel to be our guest preach­er. Rev. Daniel is a 1981 grad­u­ate of South­east­ern The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. He has served in min­istry for the last 35 years and is now the Har­bor Dis­trict Super­in­ten­dent and serves as Dean of the Cab­i­net. He is a gift­ed preach­er and we know that you will receive a bless­ing by wor­ship­ing with us. He and his wife, Gail reside at Bay Tree Lake in Bladen County.

We are also excit­ed about our music for revival. On Sun­day night, gift­ed pianist and wor­ship leader, Gene Berri­er will be come and lead us in a time of praise and wor­ship and also sing some spe­cials. On Mon­day night the Mt. Har­mo­ny Men will share some of their favorites with us. On Tues­day night Jay Lock­lear, anoth­er gift­ed pianist and wor­ship leader, will lead wor­ship and sing some spe­cials. Jay is a much sought after wor­ship leader who led wor­ship at Pil­grim­age and the 2012 Annu­al Con­fer­ence. On Wednes­day evening Karen Clay­ton, who is well known through­out the area, will sing. 

Below is the list of din­ner meals for revival week:
Sun­day, March 17th- 5:30pm — church-wide din­ner at The Homestead
Mon­day, March 18th- 6:00pm — Cir­cle #2 hosts din­ner for pas­tor and musi­cal guest
Tues­day, March 19th- 6:00pm — Ladies of J.O.Y. hosts din­ner for pas­tor and musi­cal guest
Wednes­day, March 20th — 6:00pm — Methodist Men hosts din­ner for pas­tor and musi­cal guest

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