Serving Lunch at Christian Help Center

Mt.Zion has helped the Chris­t­ian Help Cen­ter by serv­ing lunch the fourth Fri­day of every month for sev­er­al years. We would like to con­tin­ue this impor­tant mis­sion min­istry but we need your help! 

We under­stand that it is hard for some of you to get off work in order to serve lunch but you could still help by prepar­ing food for those who can help to serve that day. If you have nev­er been a part of this min­istry it is very reward­ing and fair­ly easy. It is my under­stand­ing they are aver­ag­ing about 40 so please be sure to pre­pare for that many. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Also if you are will­ing to be placed on an Emer­gency List for serv­ing will you please e‑mail Car­rie Hawkins.

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