What do churches get from paying apportionments?

Espe­cial­ly around this time of the year, we are asked, “What do church­es get from pay­ing appor­tion­ments?” That is not a ques­tion spe­cif­ic to North Car­oli­na but is one that is asked through­out the Unit­ed Methodist fam­i­ly. When church mem­bers ask this of pas­tors, dis­trict super­in­ten­dents, and con­fer­ence staff, they may be hop­ing for an answer in a dol­lar amount so that they could com­pare that to the church’s appor­tion­ment pay­ments and maybe cal­cu­late some return on invest­ment fig­ure. An arti­cle was pub­lished not too long ago by one of our sis­ter annu­al con­fer­ences that pro­vid­ed some expla­na­tion of what a church gets back. I found the expla­na­tion help­ful and have adapt­ed that arti­cle to share this infor­ma­tion with you.

So – what do church­es get back from pay­ing appor­tion­ments? More…

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