Sum­mer Camp 2021

Six days. One Gospel.


Sum­mer Camp at Snow­bird is all about point­ing stu­dents to the Gospel. Offer­ing near­ly two-dozen recre­ation options, we are com­mit­ted to high-adven­ture recre­ation. More than that, we are com­mit­ted to Gospel-cen­tered dis­ci­ple­ship. Our sum­mer camps host two wor­ship ser­vices per day, engag­ing stu­dents through song, expo­si­tion­al preach­ing, dra­ma, and video. In addi­tion, dai­ly break­out ses­sions cov­er a wide range of rel­e­vant top­ics, from apolo­get­ics and mis­sions to rela­tion­ships and Bible doc­trine. Each day con­cludes with small group ses­sions, allow­ing our staff to engage stu­dents in per­son­al rela­tion­ships and encour­ag­ing youth groups to grow as a community.

When we think about God we have to make up new words to talk about Him. He is alto­geth­er dif­fer­ent from us. He is the Almighty One, the great King above any oth­er god. And when we use superla­tives to describe Him we real­ize that words like Holy, Just, and Right­eous draw their very mean­ing from His nature. He is the sin­less cre­ator of the uni­verse who is over­flow­ing with love for His cre­ation and His name is Jesus.

This sum­mer we will look at the attrib­ut­es of God so that we can lift up His name and give Him the glo­ry He deserves. It is only in light of this that we can be tru­ly hum­bled. He is call­ing us to fear Him, to love Him, and to wor­ship Him. In short, He is call­ing us into a rela­tion­ship with Him where we can ful­fill the pur­pose for which we have been created.